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About N-e-FG
Values of N-e-FG
The New-e-conomy Financial Group strives to always adhere to the following four values:  Trust, Transparency, Thinking and Teamwork.
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Trust stands at the heart of what we do: by always putting our client first, we solidify our focus on building a longstanding relationship with our clients.  Trust is cemented through an honest and ethical way of doing business where taking total responsibility plays a vital role.
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In order to exceed and excel in solidifying the trust from our investors we adhere to a transparent and open book policy. Transparency assures that everything that we do is reportable and open to our clients. This concept of good governance assures that we maintain our most important value of trust. We also ensure that businesses we associate with and invest in adhere to the same principles of good governance.
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It is of utmost importance that we focus on thinking by applying an intellectually disciplined process of actively and skilfully conceptualising, applying and analysing information in order to maintain our edge through observation, reflection, reasoning, or communication, in our market place. A blend of forward and critical thinking is of the essence.
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The right balance between different skillsets is of great importance within a team setup, and we are constantly aiming at striking the right balance within our team dynamics. Teamwork is all about the culture of excellence highlighting dedication and focus to ensure superior products and service to our customers.